Jul 222015

We’ve gotten some really good applications this past month, but we’ve also had a few requests for a bit more time. While time is running out for this round, if your application is nearly finished, we’re extending our call for contestants until August 15th–so rest easy and go out and get some good footage of where you’re planning to yardfarm next year. And if you are planning to apply, do let us know, so we keep an eye open for your application (you can email us at yardfarmers@yardfarmers.us). And best of luck!


Time is running out to apply–and hopefully also for this lawn!

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  One Response to “Yardfarmers’ Call for Contestants Extended!”

  1. I hope it is not to late to apply, someone in my community just sent me this link in a message because they think I would be a good candidate. I love gardening and do some community organizing. I think I would be a good candidate because I am animated as well as passionate. I have been talking about going to The Farm in Tennessee and this would be an amazing opportunity for myself. Please consider excepting an application from me to participate in this project. Thank you.

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