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Thanksgiving is upon us, as is a beautiful bounty of fall crops. We want to say thanks to all of you in the yardfarming community, who have been journeying along with us this past year and who are helping to transform their cities, towns, and neighborhoods from grassy wastelands to lush agricultural lands, capable of feeding their communities in good times and bad.

We’ve shared much news and information this past year about effective yardfarming, from how to politely decline offers to use neighbors’ yards to scores of tips on everything from eating edibles to how to produce more food in your yard. Many of these great stories come from groups like Seedstock, Shareable,, and FUTUREPERFECT, so our thanks to them for kindly placing their content in the Creative Commons. And of course, this year, we produced our Yardfarmers Trailer, with the hopes of finding a distribution partner to bring the exciting sagas of Millennial yardfarmers and their families into your living rooms. No partner yet, but we’ll continue our search in the year to come.

And as the year winds down, we want to end it with a wish for a productive year to come. We wish you all well in your efforts to cultivate more yards and minds–getting more neighbors growing food that sustains them, their families, and their communities, and helps heal their local lands.

Finally, now that the busy harvest season is over and you have a bit of time on your hands (or at least your hands can focus a bit more on typing instead of pulling weeds), please share your yardfarming stories with us. Tell us how your yardfarming adventures developed over the past year. Were you able to grow enough to sustain your family? To share with neighbors? Or even make a living from? Were you able to convert a nearby yard into a yardfarm? What challenges did you overcome? Which challenges are still ahead of you? Either in the comments below, by email, or by social media please share your stories with us!  We look forward to reading them and spreading them along.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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