We’ve been getting questions as potential contestants apply to be on the show, so to help facilitate here is a list of a few of our more frequently asked questions (we’ll keep updating as we get more questions)

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Q: Is this for real?

A: Hell yeah!

Q: My parents are living in another country/deceased so am I ineligible?

A: One goal of this show is to help renormalize multigenerational living. If you have alternative guardians (an uncle, aunt, grandparent, etc.) you’d want to move in with and convert their lawn (and they’re cool with that) then you certainly can apply. Just make sure to describe the situation and introduce us to any family who will be part of the household in your video application.

Q: Can I apply as a duo (e.g. with my sibling, partner, etc.)?

A: Sure. As long as you’re living with your parents or other guardian (see above).

Q: I’m an employee for [a major GMO-producing company]. Can I apply to grow a mix of our genetically-modified crops across a neighborhood? We’ll bankroll the whole show if so. Thanks.

A: Hell no!