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The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has a great free resource for active yardfarmers called Backyard Farmer. Experts at the university have a weekly show from April to September every year that you can stream live (or watch later) where they will answer your gardening related questions. They specialize in fruits, veggies, insects, weeds, wildlife, and more. Also, an interesting aspect of Backyard Farmer is the ability to submit your own comment if you need a specific question answered. They have a Q&A session on each segment, and questions you submit could even be featured on the show! Backyard Farmer has been running since 1953, and the experts are very knowledgeable. They will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have in regards to your yardfarm.

BackyardFarmer3Below is a recent episode of the show, having aired July 7, 2015. In this particular episode you will learn about how to identify and deal with brown rot on fruit, and how to recognize herbicide damage on tomatoes. You may think this does not apply to you because you don’t use herbicides, but one of the gardening experts mentions that many herbicides can actually travel far distances and could still affect your tomatoes. This is definitely something to be aware of!

There’s also an app for The Backyard Farmer, so you can live stream the show on your phone or other device. And you can watch earlier episodes on their website or on the show’s YouTube channel.

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