Top Three Apps for the New Yardfarmer


In this smartphone era, having a pocket computer may help you as you start your yardfarming.

WildEdiblesApp1) Of course, the easiest way to yardfarm is to forage wild edibles already growing in your yard or neighborhood. Apps can help you identify some of these including Wildman Steve Brill’s Wild Edibles (lite version with 20 plants is free and a good place to start).

Available on iPhone and Android. The lite version is free and full version is $7.99.

GardenCompassApp2) The Garden Compass app is a great tool to have on hand if you are unsure of a specific plant you want to grow or if your garden is already set up and it looks like a plant has some sort of disease. You are able to take pictures of different plants, diseases, and even pests to submit to experienced, knowledgeable garden professionals who will help you with identification.

Available on iPhone. This app is free.

GardenTimeApp3) Garden Time Planner is an app that allows beginner gardeners to access extensive information on specific vegetables and herbs about when to sow seeds, transplant them to the outdoors, and so on. You will get notifications about upcoming transplant days and also when particular plants are ready to harvest. Additional features include local weather data and how-to videos on gardening.

Available on iPhone an Android. This app is free.