The Yardfarmers Call for Contestants

Note: The call for contestants for the 2016 season in closed. If you apply, you will be considered for the 2017 growing season.
  • Are you a young American between the ages of 21 and 30ish?
  • Do you live with your parents or would you consider moving back in with them?
  • Do you want to try to convert your parents’ lawn (and neighborhood greenspaces) into a workable yardfarm–one that can sustain you and your family either nutritionally or financially or both?
  • Do you want some guy with a camera following you around while you try to do this for nine months?!?

Then we’re looking for you to be on Yardfarmers, an upcoming reality TV show that’ll follow six young Americans as they live with their parents and attempt to make a livelihood out of growing food in their parents’ yards, their neighbors’ yards, random street flower boxes, churchyards, school yards, vacant lots, cemeteries, or whatever spaces you can find that can be converted from useless ornamental lawn into a new source of healthy, local and sustainable food.

film-512132_1920-pixabay-croppedYou ain’t gonna get rich yardfarming–though if you are chosen as America’s Best Yardfarmer you will win a substantial cash prize!* But far more importantly, you will help convert an unsustainable suburban development, an urban food desert, or wherever you live into a far more sustainable, far more resilient community.

But be warned! Yardfarming is sure to be hard work. Parents might come to hate this experiment, and so might your neighbors! Then again, they might come to love the wonderful fresh produce you grow, the community connections you nurture, and the vital food economy you create, and new sense of purpose you cultivate.

Interested? Click here for the application form and all the legalese you’ll need to read before submitting your application. The application closes August 1st but is on a rolling basis so apply early! And keep in mind, when you apply we’ll want to get to know you, your family, your motivations, and your plan on how you’re going to win! (All on video.) Also keep in mind that you’ll need to be available to actively yardfarm from March to November 2016 and be able to travel to the Ecovillage Training Center at The Farm in Summertown, Tennessee for a crash course permaculture training sometime in March 2016 (all travel expenses will be paid).


Important warning: Yardfarming on railroad tracks is ill-advised. Do so at your own risk.

*Judging will be based on many factors, such as the amount of produce grown; how sustainably you produce food; how effectively you enrich the land; how well you educate and mobilize neighbors and viewing audience; and so on.